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Are you tired of having feelings of self doubt due to past traumas, anxiety, depression and those past traumas interfering with the life you deserve? Allow me to help you through this next journey of your life.

My passion is helping individuals with trauma experiences, anxiety and depression to live a healthier, holistic life. My therapeutic foundation began while working with individuals that struggled with substance use issues. Throughout my work with there, I discovered that many of the individuals I worked with experienced trauma in their childhood, currently experiencing trauma responses and/or living in survival mode.

This prompt me to gain more knowledge and skills so I can effectively help other individuals. I graduated with a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2009, became fully licensed in 2011 as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in both the states of Missouri and Kansas.

I am skilled in CBT and DBT therapy modalities. I practice from a place of authentic and genuine interactions to help individuals heal and feel safe in the process. I am a great listener and ready to help you heal along your journey.

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Giovannia Thompson, MA, LPC, LCPC


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